Choosing a sewing machine

What kind of sewing machine?

This is probably the most popular question for amateurs to sew themselves. But surprisingly, no one knows him. If in general, then the choice of sewing machine depends on what purpose you need it for, and at what price you could buy it.

They are of two types: computerized and mechanized.
In mechanized machines, the shafts, wheels and other hidden mechanisms of motion respond to the motion of the needle mechanism.
The machine is controlled by means of levers that easily switch. Usually they are on the front of the machine. But such machines have limitations on functions, they are not able to make complex stitches.

In computerized sewing machines, the microprocessor is responsible for the operation of the needle. These machines have almost no restrictions on the performance of string complications. In this case, the variety of lines depends on the memory that is built into the processor of the sewing machine. But one limitation is, it’s the width of the line, because it directly depends on the type of shuttle that is installed on the sewing machine. Also, some computerized sewing machines allow you to move the fabric not only forward / backward, but also left / right. This type of machine allows you not only to sew, but also to make elements of embroidery.

In computerized machines, there may also be a screen and buttons, in order to facilitate the use of the typewriter.
Do not worry about computerized machines, they are, in fact, fairly easy to manage, because you can use the screen and buttons to set all the necessary parameters and commands. And all you need is to set the program, a few clicks on the buttons and everything, then the machine itself knows what to do.

Just do not be afraid that computerized machines quickly fail. When used properly, this machine will last you a long time and reliably.
Also, cars may differ in the type of shuttle that is installed on them, but this will be discussed a little later.

Perhaps, it is possible to limit this information to the choice of machines, but still it is worth noting that everyone chooses the particular sewing machine that will meet its requirements and needs. Professionals choose more complex and multifunctional machines, and newcomers can also buy something simpler.

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