Choosing a machine by the hook

Pros and cons of horizontal and vertical hook mechanisms.

All household sewing machines differ in the type of hook that is installed on them. Nowadays hooks should be conditionally divided into such types as by movement — the hook can rotate or oscillate, the hook can be either vertically mounted or horizontally mounted.

A vertically mounted swing hook is the mechanism that is the easiest mechanism of movement on sewing machines that exist today. It is installed on such models of sewing machines as «Seagull» or «Podolsk». This hook will serve you for many years, will be your reliable friend. To its minus one can include noise and a slightly increased frequency of vibration.
A horizontal hook double-razeganiya — is also one of the most popular types of hooks. To its pluses you can include silence in the work, quite simple threading the bobbin, reliability and durability. But this is quite an expensive type of hook. Although its advantages are also in the simplicity of care and adjustment, they are worth it. And the ease of threading allows you to use this machine even for beginners.

Vertical double-edged hook is the most complex kind of mechanism used in sewing machines. Usually it is installed on expensive sewing machines, which are used in production at garment factories. It is high-precision and reliable, will last for many years, it is characterized by high speed of operation, which is especially indispensable in production, when much depends on speed. But also it is worth remembering that this type of hook mechanism requires cleaning and lubrication from time to time.

Basically the choice of the hook of your future sewing machine depends on what exactly you need it for.

If you are just starting to sew or learn how to sew, then your choice is a horizontal hook, which is very easy to handle, easy to fill and it will not create additional difficulties for you in the form of cleaning and lubrication. Your machines with a horizontal hook type — Minerva M32Q, Minerva MC 40, Minerva MC 400.

If you are professionally engaged in sewing business — then a vertical hook with double fencing is your choice. With its help you can create masterpieces of sewing art and every day sharpen your skills, I am happy with relatives or buyers of your products. Then you can use the machines — GOLDEN WHEEL CS-5100-HL or Shunfa SF 5550.

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